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Game Room Show 6/30/2023 

Our apologies to this lateness.

We had a wonderful outcome over at the game room. I wanna say thank you for all the artists that came out and everyone that came out to support them, this was truly amazing.

The artists put everything they had into what they perform, and it was off the hook.
Please go follow them show them support and become a fan, buy their Merchandise.
Make sure you check out all the performing artists, give them a like, share and a follow!

Hotel Utah Show 6/11/2023 

Our apologies to this lateness.

I can't express enough the enjoyment. I got for putting on the showcase in San Francisco at the hotel. Utah, I want to take this time to thank every artist that came out and performed.

This group of artists showed so much charism And talent that I'm thankful for.
Make sure you go and follow them and show them support. And their next upcoming shows whether it's with us or not.
@jay1bt "Jayri$h"
@krimzonmusic "Krimzon"
@_lincolnroy_ "Lincoln Roy"
@robgoblin_ @thatswillytragic "Motel Lizards"
@jaetimusic "Jaeti"

Hong Kong  

Jason here, so today I got a very interesting phone call from Hong Kong. naturally I'm thinking to myself why? We were invited to a music festival in Hong Kong. Not sure if we will go but if we do trust me, you'll know.

Side note, it was very weird having a translator lol