1) Tickets will be purchaced from our website $5 per ticket $15 or $25 (Depending on if its a DIY Venue) at the door. 

    Sikkidz Entertainment collects 100% of  door ticket sales .

2) Area to set up to sell merchandise (all profits belong to the Artist).

3) Artists that are named on the flyer receives free and unlimited beverages (Soda & Water ONLY) . 

4) If food is served at your venue  Artists that are named on the flyer receives one (1) free appetizer.

5) If needed we will profide sound & lights and needed equipment (fogger machine & strob lights will be used.If these are not allowed please advise before the event  

6) VIP Table for Our Friends and Family  

7) We will provide out on Security 

This is all negotiable so please let me know what you are thinking

You also can contact Jason Walker at (209) 308-8169