Thankful for the Struggle for that's what made me”

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J-Vision, Trap Artist from Indiana, brings music to life with his emotional connection to his work. His work inspires others because while listening you can truly get a feel for what the artist was dealing with at the time he wrote the track. 

Currently in Florida, pursuing his music career, J-Vision has had his fair share of the struggle. The street life was not easy to survive, but he has made it his therapeutic coping method as well as his source of wholeness. 

Writing is his true craft, music became the avenue to create a career around what he loves to do, and is great at doing, and that is writing. 

His vocals and beat selection bring you a vibe like no other. You're guaranteed to be in the zone of the song, you're going to feel a connection to him and his music right after just one track. 

He continues to talk about the street life, and how essential family and self-love are to succeed and stay strong. 

His main genre is Hip Hop, influenced by Trap, Dark Hip Hop, some Boom Bap and once in awhile you'll catch him on a Drill track. 

Underground and underrated, it's only a matter of time before everyone hears his sound, it's truly unique; you can hear the pain he has overcome in his voice! 


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