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NOCDA1, Born in NYC, Residing most of his life in NJ, is a versatile drill and trap artist with some dark hip hop mixed in. NOCDA1 is primarily about being able to be versatile, though more recently he has focused on his versatility within mainly the sun-genre known as Drill. 

NOCDA1 has a very unique flow which places his vocals, as he describes, “another instrumental stem to the beat,” he stated that he, “finds the space in the beat that’s free and lays his vocals down specific to pitch, melody, rhythm and most importantly, to complete the VIBE of the beat.” 

NOCDA1 on hip hop - “it’s a dance between beat maker and recording artist, but a dance that both are dancing separately, differently, but congruently, it’s an art, but because of the culture there’s a wrong way and a right way. NOCDA1 tends to do things the wrong way to get the right way accomplished. 

His drill tracks such as MOONWALKER (X), PAIR O’ DIES & recent release UP IN SMOKE, have been showing his diversity amongst other drill artists as well as evidence that he is making a lane and sticking to it. Though lyric content changes and is not always violent on the drill tracks, the attitude is most definitely drill which adds a unique listening experience. 

His music is for the conscious listeners, and is layered for the subconscious. 

NOCDA1 on writing - “The writing process I use is my own, there definitely a madness within it but most rationally a method, it’s all about the feeling I have while laying down bars, it is always the same feeling, just different focuses and topics, with much esoteric, cryptic and subliminal messages, my music don’t just set a specific tone or vibe but rather displays a journey as well as interpretation that will be experienced by the listener a different way many of times. I like to believe my music keeps giving in the form of growth, even a track that’s years old, compare it to a new one and see my growth, thus you’ll see my journey, your the fan or critic so it’s up to you to formulate your own opinion, but bad or good it’s still an interesting and different listen, I just hope you enjoy it!” 

Music created primarily in the idea to win the respect of other artists, NOCDA1’s method consists of rapping to make music he likes to listen to that’s different from anything he’s ever heard. “Can I vibe to it? I’m my harshest critic so I rip all my music apart, but if I can still vibe to it, that means something special!” 

Ladies and gents, NOCDA1!

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