"We are here for only one reason....To Teach young and old indie Artists the ropes of getting heard." ”

— Jason Co-CEO

About us.... We are a small Entertainment Company that has branched out and became a growing label for all indie artists, that was formed by Jason and Tabitha from the city of Waterford Ca. (Moved to Angels Camp California) It started out as a joke and here they are moving up. These guys know a-lot about the entertainment, and they too are in it to win it. From modeling, acting, to performing live they have pushed their limits every day to strive to make everything easier and better at a fraction of the price of everyone else.


We are an independent record label dedicated to All Indie Artists alike.

as a Record label & Consultancy Company, we focused on the development of emerging artists through PR, digital strategy, creative direction & playlist pitching. 

Google search this (indie Artists only make about on the average of what a year?) 
According to a report by Inside the Industry, most independent artists make around $5,750 per year, while the median salary for an indie musician/creator falls closer to $12,860 annually. About 70% of indie artists generate less than $10,000 from their music annually. As an indie artist relying on streaming revenues, you’ll need about 3,000,000 streams annually to generate about $12,000.

Did you also know that, label Artist makes $500,000(signing bonus) plus around $44,000 a year?

With Sikkidz Entertainment our artists have a chance to make money as they grow with the company. We have placed a tier system that allows an artist to easily move up the tier and the higher they go the more they will make and each month along with great incentive packages. These payments are paid out each and every month. We have 28 Tier levels and if an Artist went up every month in 2 years, they would make $60,000 in those 2 years. If an Artist hits tier level 28 we will sign them to a 5-year deal worth over $382,000 (estimate).  We have a wide range of what we do for an Artist from Promotion, Merchandise, Booking, Management, Distribution. Sikkidz Entertainment is the place to connect with Venues, Press Outlets and Record Labels. Our database has been vetted, verified, and is maintained every day. Sikkidz works hard with industry leaders in music & media to distribute independent artists around the world. Specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services, Press, Incorporation Agreement, Exclusive Recordings, Agreement Marketing, Promotion Plans, Artist Development, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Artist Producer Agreements, Song Writers Agreement, Business Management Guidelines, PLUS MUCH MORE!! NO ONE gets left behind, if you are any of these, we can help you


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