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Compilation vs Mixtapes albums 

A compilation album is an album of songs, made by different recording artists, or by one group or artist at different times. Some compilations are greatest hits albums, which feature the biggest hit records of a given year, or a certain genre of music, or artists from the same era or location.

Usually, mixtapes are produced casually and are given away for free or at low cost in order to gain exposure or for marketing purposes.


Both are very good ideas to do. 

What happens if I leave Sikkidz and 2 months to year later down the road or more, I get an offer from for a deal what happens then?" 

I was asked this question. 

"What happens if I leave Sikkidz and 2 months to year later down the road or more, Sikkidz get an offer from another company "Label" for a deal for that artist that left the Sikkidz, what happens then?" 

Simple answer we just let the Company know we no longer manage that artist, and we cannot give them any information on how they can connect with them (Privacy Act).

Unless it's stated in the contract the artist had signed with the Sikkidz, that the only way we can forward any information.


For more information on the Privacy Act of 1974 click the link below.

Privacy Act of 1974



How Much Does A Recording Studio Cost To Hire 2023? Studio Time Prices Worldwide. 

Check this out. I was asked how come we charge so much for recording sessions and here is what I found on the internet to help out some of those that dont know the industry.

Price range: $65 per hour ($110 per hour for full production team, separate rates for Studio A) Sun Studio Memphis, TN Widely regarded The Birthplace of Rock and Roll, legends ranging from Elvis Presley and B.B. King to Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash all had a hand in putting Sun Studio.


Let me know what you all think. 




So, I get an email, and this guy had the nerve to say Sikkidz Entertainment is a Scamming Firm and all we do is take hard working people's money...LMAO hate to ask a stupid question but who did or who have I taken any money from? 

This guy does not know how to use the internet and look into my company...... Blows My mind on how some people act.

I was asked "How about some info about you, background, network, partners, short/long term plans?" 

Background of Sikkidz, I've been working with musicians nearly my whole life, my uncle is the one that got me into music, He had a garage band that would come over every weekend when I was little and would play everything from hank Williams to Meryl, Charlie Danies, Willie and a bunch more. they never played anywhere but at the house. so, I went into music and worked at some small recording studios and promoted for local bands in my area. and one day I was sitting there watching one of my favorite bands play and realized why they never got signed? cause they didn't have a huge following and that was the only reason..... so, it inspired me to look into what it will take to get them noticed and the hard work I put in got them getting heard and one passed away from a heart failure and the band split up.... So, I said I'm not going to stop, I'm going to help all other indie artists get heard. Partners nah just myself and my wife build this from ground up. In my book no short terms ..... in the long terms I want to build the best Empire that can be trusted for all indie artists to come too.

Why does it take so long for SKE to respond to me? 

Here is a very popular one that we get.

"I emailed you over a week ago and you never responded, you guys are fake.."

Want to know something funny, in the subject this artist put "Virus" 

Later I find out that it was the title of his song, but what do you think I did with that email?

Not to mention we have an over-whelming amounts of emails we have to sort through

So, when submitting your music to a label, use this subject: MUSIC SUBMISSION

When we sort through all these emails we just use the filters and run it with MUSIC SUBMISSION or SUBMMISSION.

Stop blaming the Labels for not looking you up, might need an Artist Manager.

Our Social medias are just as insane if not worse. So please keep that all in mind. 


Why am I not getting Booked for bigger shows!! 

I get this email at least once a week and it goes something like this, 

I got the Booking agent package and I'm always getting booked for small shows. Why is this?

Here is the answer: We ask you, what is your average draw is (Draw means how any people can you bring to a show.)

When you state your draw is 55, this means you can sell 55 tickets to a show. When you tell us this, we set you up for that, but when your sales are actually on 3 or maybe 5 tickets per show, why would we book you for a show at the Roxy?

All these seats need to be sold... You only sell 3 tickets, and all those seats are still left open and you're on that stage, how are you feeling knowing I now have to pay for all those unsold seats?

Be honest with us, and we'll be fair to you!! If you can only sell 55 tickets in your hometown, then say so. Don't ask to have show's set up in the other 50 states if you know you can't sell what you said you could. 

We will only book you for what you can sell.

SKE artists do get first shots at any shows, then it gets sent out to everyone else. 

Also remember as of 5-30-2022 we are servicing more than 200 other starving Indie Artists. Please keep that in mind. One of the main reasons why what allotment of tickets we get are sold out so quickly.


Hours of Operation! 

Hours of Operation!

It really seems like no one really pays any attention to our website. It clearly states. 

We are open Monday - Friday 10am to 10pm Closed on the weekends.

We are closed the day before and the day after on Event days.

We are closed the day before and the day after on Holiday's.

I have received complaints after complaints that when a client calls, texts, or emails us and complains that we didn't answer them fast enough and when I tell them our ours of operation, they always claim they didn't see that part.

This is why I always suggest a Manager for Indie Artists, mainly to avoid conflicts and miscommunications.

A simple mistake and not understanding how company's works WILL end an Indie Artist's career in the music industry!!


food for thought

Why does it take a month or 2 months 

Why does it take a month or 2 months to see any kind of changes That's a very good question!  When we asked you for your social media and wherever platforms your music is on, we are gathering data so that my analytics team can go over your numbers and see what your numbers are before we help you and see what your number is are and what they will potentially be in months after.

The reality of this is in 3 months will get solid numbers. I'm not going to take $10,000 and just dumped it down on advertisements that are just not going to work. I run a business so as an investor investing in you, as an artist I need to make sure I'm doing my due diligence to ensure my return.

One of our biggest problems is Artist won't tell us all the platforms or all their social medias so when it comes to advertising them or pitching them to other AR's, Radio, TV / Film, and Booking Agents puts a real big damper in getting them heard.

Food for Thought


Why doesn't SKE offer a $1,000,000 DEAL? 

Here is a very touchy subject that a lot of indie artists don't know.

When your offered that $25,000 - $1,000,000 deal, its really a $25,000 - $1,000,000 loan. 

I'm sure you all have seen this going around. 

Let me explain how this works so you have a better understanding on what type of deal you should be looking for.

Lets use the $1,000,000 deal for an example.

the word DEAL actually means LOAN. 

Companies will sign you to this loan in hopes to get a return on their investment, basically your paying back the loan from the sales on your music.

Once you have paid back the company, you will start making .09 - .16 cents per Hard Copy (per unit) 

Lets do the math.

If your album(s) sells for $9.99 and to pay back the loan AKA Deal of a $1,000,000 you would need to sell 100,100.1001001001.. Lets simplify 100,100.00 units to pay off your DEAL / LOAN

Maybe you did that in the first year and the hype was perfect.  Now the DEAL / LOAN is paid off you will star getting your royalty rate between .09 - .16 cents per (per unit). Well, I sold 100,100 units so I'll do that again and make my money. 

Let's do the math again. 100,100 X .09 - .16 cents = $9,00.09 - $16,000.16. Okay, let's say those were your dollar amounts per month $9,000.09 - $16,000.16. X 12 =$108,001 - $192,192. < Your Yearly Income. Sad fact that's how record labels work, everything you built or crafted is now theirs.

Here at Sikkidz Entertainment we don't do that, we are here for the artist and to help them grow. 

We have a tier system that keeps us and the artist working evenly and if one is getting the paid the other is getting paid, it's a 2-way street here. Read More on SKE Tier System

The Higher you are on the tier the more artist gets paid. 

Our Artists also get paid from merchandise sales. 15% - 35% artist gets

Our Artists get paid from distributions, Licensing, and sync. 60% - 85% artist gets.

How much do we generally invent in an Artist in a year? About $10,000. 

We are just a small steppingstone and the people going and knocking on doors to represent you as an artist. 

Some artists don't like that plan so they want to have 100% across the board. Okay I have you covered, we have monthly plans that the artist will receive,

 Artists gets from merchandise sales. 100% artist gets 

 Artists get from distributions, Licensing, and sync. 100% artist gets.

Unfortunately, the tier system does not work with the monthly plans.

Food for thought




What does Sikkidz handle for an Artist?  

What does Sikkidz handle for an Artist? 

We handle all artists merchandise such as name brand clothing from shirts pants hats hoodies ect, 

We handle all distribution we also do submissions for demos and submissions to TV shows sitcoms movies 

We handle complete social media blast on all social media platforms. 

And as being a Sikkidz Artist you have access to recording studio (free of charge)

Not to mention Everything in between

What does Sikkidz PR Rep do for an Artist? 

What does Sikkidz PR Rep do for an Artist? If you have a good public relations (PR) representative then they should be able to and perform the duties of and not limited to, manages communications and promotes the public image of a client or organization. Public Relations representative will develop press releases, media clips, and brochures that align with the company or client brand.PR REP works around the clock to monitor and engage users on all account pages because social media never sleeps, but you do. PR REP consistently researches the latest published media studies to apply and best tackle the ever-changing web.

What does Sikkidz Booking Agent do for an Artist? 

What does Sikkidz Booking Agent do for an Artist? Now don't get fooled by some people that claim that they are a booking agent, make sure you ask them if they have an office cause all booking agents must have an office separate from their home, but the role of a Sikkidz Booking Agent is to represent our client. This is their most important job, to work in our client’s best interests. However, Booking Agents must also meet the needs of Buyers, and work to their budget while considering the interests of the talent involved.  


You didn't make me Famous 

Can you imagine waking up starting your day off and you hear the birds chirping and every light is green, then you open the office door, then an employee comes up to you and say's, So and So Artist said he is very angry cause we didn't make him famous!!!!  

I hear this all the damn time... 

Did I tell you to use a crap out Mic, a mid-level producer (limited stream lease) Did I tell you to change your social media name 700 times so that if you were noticed someone can find you?

Did I tell you don't pay for streaming promos?? (Fake streams) 

I tell an Artist that I like to release an album every 3 months, in 11 months an artist will give me one song to work with.

or not show up to any shows that we have booked for you...

There are a lot of things I tell an Artist NOT to do and what happens?? They do it anyways.

and they always complain, they all want to be an overnight sensation with only one song or no drive to get anything done that is asked of them. PURE LAZYNESS. I can't guarantee your success, but I can guarantee, I'll give my 110% to get you heard.

Here we have what's called an Artist Plan of Action. This is similar to a business plan, if you don't have a business plan you can't get a loan or open a freaking business, so we have a plan that we have put together to keep Indie Artists going so we can properly strategize our next moves.

We keep records of every little thing we do for an artist, from bookkeeping to all analytics.  

So please explain to me how that's my fault that you didn't follow any directions that were given? 

Food for thought!



"You don't need a manager" or do you??? 

I've been seeing this posted a lot on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

"You don't need a manager" 

This is true.... but if you don't know what you're doing in the industry, and you find yourself getting taken advantage of.  

Or your music is being removed from platforms due to infringements, how many hours do you think you put into just one song just to have it removed? 

Yeah, a lot of companies out there charge high dollars to manage an indie artist. The cold truth to it is cause 47% of indie artists out there today are only in it for social media popularity and that's completely sad. This is why the music industry is getting harder and harder.  

This is why Sikkidz Entertainment is changing it all, the way everything here works, if you're not getting paid.... Then we are not getting paid!! It's plain and simple. Ask any other company and see if they are willing to do that for you! 

"Jason, I see you offer services, and you charge for them why is that????"  Yea if you're not in a contract with me then, we do offer other services that you can use if you feel you don't need any help. Are my services expensive no not really, I have a team that keeps an eye on it and shoot sometimes I'll have an artist show me a "trusted site" that has a lower price per unit and well I'll beat it, I'm not scared!

I've said this a million time and hell now you might find it all over the internet now treat your music career as a BUSNIESS!! not some back of the moldy shed like that old rusty bicycle you rode back in the 1900's. 

Hope to see you on that stage!!

As an artist how many songs do you try and create a day ? 

I was just checking out Facebook and I came across and Artist that had posted this question.

As an artist how many songs do you try and create a day?

I like this question because I always get asked it, but yet everyone has a different answer. I truly believe that your craft can't be rushed. Mental Status, your health, and treating your music career as a business and not a toy that you can toss away after it breaks. 4 to 8 songs a day and roughly 30-40 songs a month so producing an album every 3 months is a very good practice to stay in.

Click on the link below and follow this dope artist!


Credit goes to Desean K Jones from Facebook


In the recent months new issues have developed and many venues are now asking for all artists need to be completed vaccinated, this is nothing to do with us so If you have out services in booking please be sure that you have what you need to show proof that you are. 

Dope ass beats DOES NOT  

I hear this all the time, "I need a dope ass beat." 

Artist come to me asking for dope ass beats, for some reason they think having a dope ass beat makes them a better artist! SOOO not true, your lyrics, your delivery, and your unique style is what makes an artist get noticed. 


I know some of you have been getting this email from this company that claims that they can get you a 5k to 500k signing deal. Let me explain something to you, if your gonna pay them $50 to $5,000 to get a chance to land a deal because they say they can get you one. Complete BS, no one can promise you that. We don't promise anything other than we promise to do what we have to do to get you in front of whom ever we need to, to get you heard. Thats the bottom line for us


Random facts about music  

1. The Rhythm of the Music Syncs with Your Heartbeat 

Music has been related to unconscious responses all over the body, along with the cardiovascular system. Previous research has shown that improvements in the cardiovascular system matched the musical tempo of a song they were listening to. 

Music syncs with the body’s cardiac rhythms and reveals that various forms of music influence an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure. It may have something to do with the feelings associated with that particular song, which is incredible. 

2. Plants grow faster when they are exposed to music 

This is one of the most interesting facts about music. According to a study conducted by South Korean scientists, plants develop more quickly when classical music is played. The scientists used 14 separate music pieces to play music to a rice field and then analyzed the effects. The results showed that music aided crop growth and also indicated that plants could “hear.” We recommend that you play your instrument in your vegetable garden! 

source:: gardeningknowhow 

3. Singing in a group enhances one’s mood 

According to numerous reports, singing in a group has been shown to have multiple physical and emotional benefits. Researchers have discovered that singing is relaxing and can improve one’s mood and spirits. When you sing with others, the body produces feel-good hormones like oxytocin while lowering stress hormones like cortisol. 

4. Musicians Live for a Shorter Time Than the Average Person 

“Stairway to H*ll: Life and Death in the Pop Music Industry,” a thesis is undertaken by a University of Sydney professor, looked at the deaths of artists between 1950 and June 2014. The research focused on mortality as well as the proportion of suicides, murders, and unintentional deaths. 

The average age of death for each artist was calculated based on their sex and the decade in which they died. These averages were then compared to the general U.S. population’s standards by sex and decade. What were the outcomes? Musicians have a 25-year shorter life expectancy. These facts about music regarding life expectancy are surprising and unbelievable. 

5. 88 percent of music revenue comes from digital sales 

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the music industry is dominated by digital sales, with streaming, downloads, subscriptions, and other virtual goods accounting for 88 percent of overall revenue in the United States in 2018, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). That year, digital revenues were credited with driving the music industry’s overall growth for the third year in a row. 

6. The average hourly wage for musicians is $30.39 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for musicians and singers in May 2019 was $30.39 per hour. According to a 2018 survey of over 1,200 musicians in the United States, 61% of musicians claim their music income isn’t enough to pay their bills. 

7. Only albums that cost $3.49 or more are considered for the Billboard charts 

To be eligible for the charts, records had to sell for at least $3.49 in their first four weeks, and songs had to sell for at least 39 cents in their first three months, according to a new Billboard policy announced in 2011. 

The company claims that considering music with a minimum purchase price would better represent “consumer intent” in a world where album can be purchased for as little as 99 cents.